Sunday, October 24, 2010

melon seed jewelry


Little Treasures said...

I cannot tell you how glad I am you chose to follow my tutorial because you have created the perfect necklaces (bracelet)!
They are absolutely fabulous!

I love the colors you've chosen as well as the small beads. Nice effect with those one.
I am sorry to hear that some of the sharpies smudged - mine markers didn't smudge at all maybe because right after painting the seeds I left them aside to dry for a while. As for nail polishing beads - I always stick them on a tooth pick, stick the toothpick into a cork board, Styrofoam board or modeling clay and that way you will not have any trouble polishing the bead. Hope this helps.

Once again, fantastic job!

cucicucicoo said...

thanks maya! that's a fabulous idea, to use the toothpick to paint the seeds. i hadn't thought of that. i'll add a little note onto the post with this idea.
actually, i did let my sharpie-d seeds and beads dry before threading them. who knows what happened, but the necklace keeps getting more and more smudged, so now i'm not using it anymore :( but i'm sure that with the polish it'll be lovely!
thanks again! :) lisa