Thursday, October 7, 2010

christmas already?!


sabi said...

Hi! I regularly visit your blog and I always like your ideias. I loved this necklace, but I don't have that book. As I live in Portugal, I doubt I can find it in a bookstore and look what other projects it features. Could you tell me if it is a good purchase and some other fun stuff we can do based on it? I don't want to buy it on amazon just because of one necklace, despite its cuteness :) Thanks!

Papgena Made It said...

too soon? Not at all! Time flys!
the neclace is gorgeous, is a lovely present!
I have a craft book from the 70s that is have this idea of covering paper boxs with fabric to make present's cages, in the picture is beautiful, but I didn't try it yet!
I hope you both are doing ok!!

Little Treasures said...

Oh my! The necklace is absolutely astonishing! This is such an exquisite gift for Christmas! Your friends are lucky!

cucicucicoo said...

thanks all!

@sabi: i live in italy, so i can't find these things in stores here, either, which is why i'm always ordering from i think the book is pretty interesting and has a lot of good projects, though some use novelty yarns which aren't exactly easy (or cheap) to find. it's also important to look on the publisher's website for pattern corrections ( there was a small correction to the necklace pattern. go look at the book on amazon and you can do "look inside" to see some of the other projects.

@papgena: the box idea sounds fabulous, too, and very simple to reuse. thanks for sharing!

@maya: i'm also currently working on the melon seed necklaces, which i will post when i'm done! :)

sabi said...

Thank you for the answer and your nice comment on my blog :) I didn't know we could take a peek in books via amazon, but i'll do that.