Monday, November 14, 2011

moving posts!

in may i decided to join my two blogs, which were really just the italian and english versions of the same thing. i am now in the verrrrrry slooooooow process of moving the individual posts previous to may 2011 from the english side to the bilingual (ex-italian) side. so if you find that any posts you've bookmarked are missing, this is why! just click on the link in each post to find its new home! :) lisa

Friday, May 20, 2011

moved, part II

just to inform anyone who missed the first notice: i’ve moved my english language blog of cucicucicoo and joined it to my italian language one. please update the address and hope to see you there!

:) lisa

Friday, May 13, 2011

cucicucicoo-eng has moved!!

CUCICUCICOO VETTORIALE con sfondo trasparente copia

hi all! i am attempting to get back into blogging (baby permitting, of course!), but decided to tackle two things that bothered me about this blog. 1) the fact that there are actually two separate blogs, this one in english and the one in italian and 2) this old jumbled layout.

so i will now be posting bilingual entries onto the newly renovated (though still not completely) italian side of this blog. so please update your bookmarks, following, rss, etc etc and go check out my latest entry! hope to see you there! :) lisa