Thursday, November 25, 2010

oh, come on!


sabi said...

I'm glad to hear/read that! If it's an European law, than Portugal must apply it aswell... I really dislike when advertisers lie (too much) and I am glad that, slowly, the consumers are winning this fight :) That said, I really love Kinder!! I use it as an incentive for studying (if I finish the chapter, I can eat one bar), but it doesn't help me grow or learn better, just finishing the tasks :P

Papgena Made It said...

As Sabi says we do have that product here in Portugal. That slogan allways bugs with me! :P
Unlike Sabi, I don't like kinder it's too sweet. My daughter likes it because of the treat inside. That said, I don't give it to her often!

Little Treasures said...

Oh my! I agree with everything you've written. At home we adhere to the rule that a piece of chocolate is good once in a while - if we don't my two energetic children will bounce off the walls. Just like papgena's, my children love kinder for the treat and leave the eggs aside so we stopped buying them.
Ahem, a confession. The above mentioned rule doesn't apply for mom (me!). When I get this craving for a chocolate, there isn't a force in the world that would stop me have one! My hips are a living truth of what I say!:)-

cucicucicoo said...

i'm sorry, ladies... i certainly had no intention of suggesting that i can resist eating junk food all the time. i eat more than i should, but the difference from many italians is that at least i recognize the fact that it's junk food and don't try to pass it off as healthy! and i do try to limit our household intake.

@sabi: i've never seen tv in portugal, but apparently the adverts aren't much different from here!

@papgena: i agree, i think kinder is way too sweet too, but my daughter loves it!

@maya: lol! i'm not normally a huge chocolate fan, but i've been eating tons during this pregnancy. except i always hide in another room so my daughter can't see me and ask for some too!