Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is the first time that my blog has gotten an award and I feel quite honored! Thanks so much Giuly from La Stanza di Miss Lizzie for having thought of me and given me this award!

Ok, people who get awarded must
  1. list 5 wishes
  2. list 8 things that he/she absolutely wants to do in the future and
  3. award another 10 blog.
Ok, so my wishes and hopes are:
  • health and well-being for friends and fam, but in particular for my dear daughter and hubby
  • to soon be able to make another addition to our family
  • to manage to make just enough money to pay off my school loans and to travel a bit more often
  • that people would start respecting the environment a bit more and stop destroying the earth
  • that my daughter will grow up to be cultured and self-confident
and the 8 things to accomplish are:
  • start taking yoga classes again
  • start sewing clothes for me and my family
  • finally learn Spanish well enough to speak it
  • learn to recognize different plants
  • travel in all the corners of the world
  • see all those great classic films
  • ditto for books
  • learn to be more patient with myself and to accept my shortcomings and limits
And now the hardest part. Since I've started checking out blogs, I've found so many really great ones. I wish I could award them all, but that can't be done! So 10 of the blogs that I really like are:
Angry Chicken
//Between the Lines//
Cut Out + Keep
Filth Wizardry
Folding Trees
Roberta Filava Filava
The Object Project

Obviously there are a lot more and I took those which had already been given this award out of the running. Congrats to you all! You're all so cool! :)


Anonymous said...


You might have made your fifth wish as wanting five more wishes but your wishes are already good ones.

Kitten Muffin said...

Thank you for passing on the award. I'll be checking out the other blogs that you link to as well. I love being introduced to new and fun bloggers!

Pascale said...

Thank you so much, Lisa, for awarding my blog. I really appreciate it!! I've never had an award before so this makes it even more special!!

Lisa said...

Thanks to you guys! You're both very cool!

By the way, Pascale, today I'm going to make up some of those headbands you wrote about a few months back for gifts today. I'll blog about them eventually (that is, if they turn out anything as nicely as yours!).