Tuesday, June 30, 2009

award II !

I've gotten another blog award! Cool! Thank you so much Barbara from Mi racconto!

Seeing as I not only a week ago did a whole bunch for another award and I really have no extra time right now, I'm going to pass it on just to a couple of blogs which I discovered after the last award that I just love:

la bottega di amrita
Made By K

You're both awesome!

P.S. Can anyone figure out what's written in the second line of the award image? It's already a small image so enlarging it is totally pointless. All I can make out is "Friendships are like diamonds (something...) Easy to love but hard to find." How poetic!


Karin said...

thanks so much, Lisa! so nice of you to think of me!

I think the line you're missing reads "precious and rare"

And I must say, I like your interpretation of the last bit much better. I thought it said "Easy to LOSE..." -- what kind of friendship is that?!?

: )

Lisa said...

Ha! yeah, "easy to lose" isn't particularly romantic! And yes, now I can make out "precious and rare," too.