Saturday, May 9, 2009

a mother's day gift that's really worth giving

I'm honestly really sick and tired of buying more and more crap for myself and my loved ones, so I'm always looking for some different type of gift to give without so much waste. This year I made a donation in my mother's name to CARE. Here's some information that I'm copying from the email they sent out today:

In countries throughout the developing world, many mothers never get to hold their babies, celebrate first birthdays or see them take their first steps. That's because 1,400 women die every day from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. The majority of these deaths are preventable. They take place in poor communities where access to basic healthcare and skilled health professionals is scarse.

With more than 50 years of experience developing and implementing maternal and child health programs in the world's poorest countries, CARE is committed to reducing the risk of women dying during pregnancy or delivery with programs that:
  • Educate families and communities on the health benefits of family planning;
  • Ensure women have access to health care and good nutrition during pregnancy;
  • Remove barriers to maternal care and increase access to skilled care during labor and delivery;
  • Strengthen postpartum care to monitor for complications and provide support to improve newborn health and survival.

After making a donation of any amount you want, you can personalize an e-card to send to the person in whose honor you made it. Does your mother really need another trinket, piece of jewelry, bouquet of flowers or whatever else you normally get her? My guess is no. I know mine doesn't! :)

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