Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ciucci ciucci coo

It can really be hard sometimes living in a country that isn't yours with a different culture and language to boot. But it's all worthwhile when you get nice happenings like this past Sunday. Camposano, a little town near Nola, had their annual Palio, or race. But not a horse race like the famous Palio of Siena, but a donkey race.

Oh how much I do love donkeys! They have such sweet and sad expressions. So we brought our daughter, who has also been a big fan of ciucci since the time last year that a friend's donkey ate her cracker which she'd dropped in the mud. The ciucci raced down a straight blocked-off street, but in their own way, so not paying much attention to the riders, going in the wrong direction or refusing to budge an inch. It was such a fun event and totally Italian, nothing you'd find anytime soon in the States.

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