Monday, April 12, 2010



Papgena Made It said...

I'm with you in your wish of having another baby (my daughter will be 4 in June and she's keep asking for a brother, a sister and a dog!). We are trying since 2008 but it has not happen yet (I call the possible baby a panda in opposition to my little rabbit!!).
I'm with you in the fear of cannot handle another child!
I agree with you in point 3, sometimes I wonder if women have condemn themselves to be superwomen!
I do love sleep, also!! :) (in opposition to my daughter...) and I am extremely lazy when it comes to clean the house! :)
You are not alone!!! ;)

cucicucicoo said...

thanks for your comment! we really are in the same boat! my daughter will be 4 in august. but i'm sure that WHEN (not if!) we'll have our second babies, we'll be wonderful and will be able to handle everything as well as anyone could reasonably expect. without our feeling like we have to be superwomen!