Monday, February 9, 2009

wet bags

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Katie said...

I have the small and the medium wetbags and I love them. They're so much better looking and more stylish than bringing plastic bags everywhere. I changed my toddler at a wedding a couple times and I was so relieved that I had these pretty looking bags. I didn't feel like I was messing up the big bridal bathroom or anything. And people were actually looking over commenting on how cute the bags were instead of looking away.
They are surprisingly water-tight, they haven't leaked or soaked thru the fabric for me. I use the medium bag for dirty cloth diapers and the small bag for bum wipes. I used them thru an all-day Boston trip and I never got a wiff of dirty diaper smell or anything. I think I was able to get 3 dirty diapers in the medium bag. The one thing I do check is how wet the wetcloths are in the small bag- they will dry out after a number of days. So I just rewet them on location or rewet them before a trip.
I HIGHLY recomment these bags.