Monday, January 19, 2009

Gifts without spending

I have decided to buy as few things as possible. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of consumerism, not to mention all that packaging that gets thrown out. For Epiphany (celebrated in all self-respecting Catholic societies) I made paper stockings which Sofia decorated and filled them with homemade cookies. Southern Italian kids don't get stockings from Santa on Christmas, but from the witch la Befana on Epiphany. And I'm happy to say that they were much appreciated by young and old alike. For Christmas Sofia got her Clifford hat and mermaid costumes for a couple of her dolls. I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, Angry Chicken. She made hers with nicer fabrics, like velvet or something, while I used pieces of fleece I had left over from the Christmas stocking I made a couple of years back.

They're basically fabric tubes closed at the bottom by the fins and an elastic at the top to keep them on different sized dolls, simple and easy to take on and off a gazillion times a day. My husband found the shell-shaped bras a tad excessive for a 2-year-old, but Sofia's already pretty obsessed with nudity and underthings, so who really cares? In any case, she prefers hanging them around her own neck like necklaces. The bras close with velcro at the back. These lovely mermaids can do whatever normal dolls can, such as taking a stroll or having a healthy (or not) meal.

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